Frequently Asked Questions

What do Botrow’s lift ticket kiosks do?

Botrow’s lift ticket kiosks are self-serve and designed to sell and dispense thermal label tickets, polycash synthetic thermal tickets, and pvc cards. Additionally, RFID chips can be inserted in all our ticket options.

What are the popular uses for Botrow self-serve kiosks?

Popular uses include: ski lift tickets, transit passes, charitable donations, 50/50 draws, and theme park admittance.

How can Botrow’s self-serve kiosks benefit your business?

Botrow ski pass machines can increase your business’s revenue, save costs, reduce your liability, and provide you with invaluable customer data that can be used for retargeting.

How can Botrow reduce operating costs?

Botrow’s ticket kiosks can save your business money by improving efficiency, reducing staff, or increasing revenue by shifting staff to a marketing or other revenue generating roll.

How can Botrow reduce insurance costs?

Depending on your insurance provider, requiring guests to accept a waiver before purchasing tickets may reduce your insurance premium.

Which industries does Botrow specialize in?

Botrow kiosks are designed specifically for ski resorts, mountain bike parks, water parks, and other attractions.

Where are Botrow’s kiosks currently operating?

Botrow currently has kiosks operating throughout North America.

Where can Botrow kiosks be shipped?

Botrow’s kiosks can be shipped anywhere in the world.

How long would it take to install kiosks at my business?

From order to delivery, it takes roughly 3 months for kiosks to be installed.

Are there any requirements to support Botrow’s lift ticket kiosk?

The only requirements needed to install Botrow’s kiosks at your business is a secure internet connection and a power outlet.

How long has Botrow been in operation?

Botrow has been providing self-serve kiosks and cashless payment solutions since 2017.