Ski Resorts – Self Serve Kiosk Sales Increase by over 50% year after year!

Ski resorts that have installed our self serve kiosks see their sales increase by over 50% each year. This tells us that customers don’t like lines and want to find the quickest way possible to get on the hill.

If you can provide your customers with a positive experience from the moment they arrive, they will enjoy their ski day much more and will be more likely to return more frequently. They will also tell all of their friends how great of a day they had on the hill.

Alternatively, if you don’t provide your customers with a good experience and they are forced to wait in line for an hour to start their day, every experience afterwards will be negative. They will not enjoy their day, they will be less likely to return, and they will be very vocal to their friends on the poor experience they had.

Get in touch with us today and make sure your customers have a great experience, starting with the first thing they do, buying lift tickets!

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